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Simple, efficient, value adding

Consider working with a partner, who shares your main business target; to generate the best possible profit now and in the future. This is what we do and why we have the name "Payoff Consulting", and the concept is quite simple. 

As available time in management is a scarce resource the keyword is priotitsation. The other keyword is competence; too often the achived result is insufficient and/or below expectations and often this is due to lack of experience .  

By working with Payoff Consulting you will experience that the external cost level is competititve and alligned with your business strategies. This hence allows you to focus on generating revenues and securing that the internal processes delivers optimum value to your customer owners. 

So why team up with Payoff Consulting?
Well, it requires methods, time and talent to optimise cost. We come with a full package that has been tested and proven very efficient when working with spend reduction, making it simple for you.

- Then, how much can be saved?
Well, to answer this we need to go through your costbase, but we guarantee that you will save money.  - no cure - no pay.

- But can´t we just do this internally?
Most likely not, because the knowhow and understanding of how to do it right is limited. Getting the external input also supports the dynamics needed in the buyer-supplier relation.

- Is it then expensive?
No, our motto is that it shall always be solid business for the customers choosing to work with us.

- Is procurement the only service you offer?
We also offer management and advisory services 

Working with us = add value to your company.  

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